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Our Promise

HANRO promises quality and luxury through the highest quality materials sourced and designed with the utmost attention to detail, state-of-the-art production processes, and a legacy of timeless and classic style. Our products embody elegance and aesthetics in every fibre.

Inspired Design

More than a century’s worth of experience in developing exceptional products is channeled into our creations. HANRO stands for passion for products and an attentive eye to detail. Our designers create their designs still by hand, furnishing imaginative sketches and draping them attentively on custom-made mannequins. In every detail, they look for something special and unique.

Discover signature HANRO designs with luxurious styles for Men and Women, and Women’s Warmwear.

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Meticulous Production

Premium natural fabrics are transformed into magnificent garments in our European production facilities. Our seamstresses painstakingly cut our fabrics, lace and yarns by hand to produce our well known HANRO designs. Thanks to the innovative close needle stitching and state-of-the-art circular knitting technologies, our precise, flat seams and seamless garments are unrivaled in quality you can feel.

Experience the artistry with the Temptation, Invisible Cotton, and Men's Warmwear collections.

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Luxurious Cotton

As an expert in natural fibers, we only process hand-picked long-staple quality cottons such as Egyptian GIZA cotton, PIMA cotton, and exclusive Sea Island Cotton from the West Indies. These long-staple cottons are very fine and can be spun into a finer thread than other types of cotton, allowing us to craft our distinctive fabrics with an exquisitely refined, smooth hand. Our mercerized cotton is specially processed for added durability and a soft, subtle sheen.

Go beyond basics with our exceptional cotton essentials: Sea Island Cotton, Cotton Seamless, and Cotton Pure.

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Timeless Style

Each single product reflects a passion for our work, technological expertise, and precision in craftsmanship. The many steps along the processing path produce unique and timeless garments of incomparable quality — from us, for you — for over 130 years.

Invest in classic styles that stand the test of time with the Touch Feeling, Pure Essence, and Night & Day collections.

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