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HANRO Touch Feeling Crop Top


Style: 71810

Crop Top

Sporty and stylish, the HANRO Touch Feeling Crop Top can be a versatile addition to anyone's closet. Tailored from a breathable mix of state-of-the-art microfiber and elastane for stretch and fit, this crop top features wider straps and fine rib trim around the neckline and straps to give a smooth look, while a stretchy hemmed bottom adds support for the bust. A stylish everyday basic for under-pinning or lounge.
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The Touch Feeling Collection is made from state-of-the-art, luxurious microfiber with a buttery soft and delicate surface.  Like cashmere, it can pill when there is excessive rubbing. Hand wash  inside out, then hang dry.

  • Style: 71810
  • Collection: Touch Feeling
  • Fabric: 95% Micropolyamide, 5% Elastane

Care Instructions

  • Do Not Bleach
  • Do Not Tumble Dry
  • May Be Dry Cleaned
  • Cool Iron
  • Machine Wash Warm ( up to 105 F )
Chest 30" 32" 34" 36" 38"
Waist 24" 26" 28" 30" 32"
Hips 34" 36" 38" 40" 44"


   * All measurements are in inches.

  1. HANRO Touch Feeling Crop Top 71810

    The Crop Top is wonderful. It fits perfectly; it is comfortable; easy to take care of; looks great! Highly recommend it.


    May 2018   Average Height: Average   Body Type:   Slim

  2. Great for young girls

    This one fit my pre-teen girl perfectly! It's super soft, comfortable and offers good daily support for an A cup. Quite pricey, but worth every cent.


    April 2018   Average Height: Average   Body Type:   Slim

  3. HANRO Touch Feeling Crop Top 71810

    Very soft and comfy. The tag is very abrasive and was hard to cut off. Other then that this is a very good top.


    December 2017   Average Height: Average   Body Type:   Slim

  4. HANRO Touch Feeling Crop Top 71810

    As a small woman over 65, I consider comfort the most important quality in a bra. I discovered this alternative and find it to be comfortable and supportive for my small frame. A little expensive, but it doesn't lose its shape over time and washes well. Wish these came without the scratchy labels in the back. Otherwise, I love these!


    November 2017   Average Height: Petite (5'3" and und   Body Type:   Slim

  5. HANRO Touch Feeling Crop Top 71810

    Transparent enough to limit use.


    July 2017   Average Height: Average   Body Type:   Slim

  6. HANRO Touch Feeling Crop Top 71810

    This is a fabulous product. It is incredibly comfortable, and gives just enough support. It's a beautiful material which has been well crafted.


    June 2017   Average Height: Average   Body Type:   Slim

  7. Love This Product!

    Great relief for a menopausal woman who also lives in hot and humid climate! Very light, comfortable and pleasant to wear. Easy to care too. I bought one on the other website and the same day I ordered two more: how comfortable they are. These tops are a Godsend! Please do not discontinue manufacturing them. I would give this top 10 stars if I could.


    August 2016   Average Height: Tall (5'9" and over)   Body Type:   Slim

  8. Worth every penny!

    I was blessed with small breasts and can't remember the last time I needed or wore a bra. Crop tops have been my go-to for years but the makers of my old favorites either no longer make them, or, the quality / fit is not as good. Enter Hanro. This is THE most comfortable crop top I've ever worn. I am so impressed with the fit and fabric that I am ordering two more and praying they never stop making them. Highly recommend!


    June 2016   Average Height: Average   Body Type:   Curvaceous

  9. comfortable for implants

    This is a perfect bra for post-mastectomy with implants. very very comfortable and I highly recommend to those ladies who are searching for this. Can wear all day, or for sleeping and forget that you have implants. does not pull or restrict movement. thanks Hanro


    December 2015   Average Height: Average   Body Type:   Athletic

  10. HANRO Touch Feeling Crop Top 71810

    the color "stone' looks very different online in the picture than in actual

    martina kurtz

    June 2015   Average Height: Average   Body Type:   Slim

  11. HANRO Touch Feeling Crop Top 71810

    Softest, most comfortable bra I have had on in years-very pleased that I decided to purchase this, and I'm sure I will purchase again. Anytime that I can forget that I am wearing a bra, that is a big plus to me!


    June 2015   Average Height: Average   Body Type:   Athletic

  12. HANRO Touch Feeling Crop Top 71810

    I have a very tight diaphragm, such that any pressure on it causes discomfort. Underwire bras are actually painful to me. The touch feeling crop top actually gives me good support (34B) and I look properly female in it - it doesn't compress and flatten. The material is extremely comfortable, and I can wear it all day. The band does ride up a bit so I adjust it downward as needed. Other than that, I really like the crop top. I wash it by hand and let it air dry. I have several of these bras, and they are the most comfortable out of the many I have tried. (67 yrs. old)


    June 2015   Average Height: Average   Body Type:   Athletic

  13. great

    very comfortable great for playing tennis

    c reyes

    January 2015   Average Height: Average

  14. HANRO Touch Feeling Crop Top 71810

    I have returned these bras since they didn't give me the support I need. I need a D and this size isn't available.


    January 2015   Average Height: Average   Body Type:   Curvaceous

  15. HANRO Touch Feeling Crop Top 71810

    The most comfortable bra I have ever had! I have looked for years for a comfortable bra - this is it - I will never buy anything else - even at this price... but I wish they were less expensive. I am a 36 B and bought a large - the medium fits well, just lower in front and I like to wear under tanks and have a little showing on the neck. PLEASE make a Racerback version!!!


    July 2014   Average Height: Average   Body Type:   Slim

  16. HANRO Touch Feeling Crop Top 71810

    So much money but so worth it! I have it in white and just ordered another white. Hanro is always top quality, a joy to wear. Do wish there were a larger choice of fun colors in this style. I ended up returning the Paradise Pink because it was just TOO bright!


    July 2014   Average Height: Average   Body Type:   Slim

  17. HANRO Touch Feeling Crop Top 71810

    this bra saved my life!! I cannot wear fasteners on my back or front. I wanted support but no muscle spasms from a too-tight bra. this did the trick!!! I now have five and although they are a bit expensive, they are worth it!!!!!

    martha jean

    June 2014   Average Height: Petite (5'3" and und   Body Type:   Curvaceous

  18. HANRO Touch Feeling Crop Top 71810

    Worth every penny. It's a fabulous top. I now have 3 and hope to have one in every color.


    June 2014   Average Height: Average   Body Type:   Athletic

  19. HANRO Touch Feeling Crop Top 1810

    This is amazing. So soft and comfortable with support. I am a 34C or 36B. Purchased a medium fits perfect.


    May 2014   Average Height: Average   Body Type:   Slim

  20. HANRO Touch Feeling Crop Top 1810

    The Hanro crop top bra is just perfect for me. I don't need much support and I hate the usual bras that are so uncomfortable with hooks in back. The Hanro bra is expensive, but I am always sorry when I try some other brand.


    March 2014   Average Height: Average   Body Type:   Slim

  21. HANRO Touch Feeling Crop Top 1810

    Soooo Comfy!!!! My more structured bras were beginning to be uncomfortable after work all day; my sports bras hurt my shoulders. Then I remembered my Hanro crop tops, 2 white, 1 black. I slipped one of these on and it was just what I wanted! Light on support, heavy on comfort all day long. I realized I needed more, and now have a new Chocolate that really looks wonderful and feels great under my Touch Feeling tank tops. Hanro to the rescue once again.


    February 2014   Average Height: Average   Body Type:   Curvaceous

  22. HANRO Touch Feeling Crop Top 1810

    A great product which provides adequate, comfortable, but unobtrusive support.

    Lyn w

    December 2013   Average Height: Average   Body Type:   Slim

  23. HANRO Touch Feeling Crop Top 1810

    I love these bras. I am a 38DD and in my late fifties. This Touch Feeling Crop Top provides enough support that I wear it to work. This is honestly the most comfortable bra that I have ever owned. I called Hanro and was told the black and stone colours are a little bit longer in length. I ordered 3 blacks, size Large.


    December 2013   Average Height: Average   Body Type:   Curvaceous

  24. HANRO Touch Feeling Crop Top 1810

    Very beautiful, very comfortable!


    December 2013   Average Height: Average   Body Type:   Slim

  25. HANRO Touch Feeling Crop Top 1810

    I do love this bra, however the price is exorbitant, as are all Hanro products. I'll keep buying, but only rarely.


    December 2013   Average Height: Average   Body Type:   Slim

  26. Best Bras Ever

    I have been wearing these bras for years. They hold up very well. I hand wash them, and lay them out to dry. They are a little to expensive, so when I can I get them on sale

    Ann Ghilarducci

    September 2013   Average Height: Petite (5'3" and under)   Body Type:   Slim

  27. Bra

    very comfortable


    July 2013   Average Height: Average   Body Type:   Slim

  28. Great Wearing Crop Bra

    Comfortable, soft bra. I order 2 and came back for 2 more that states how much I like them. So far I hand washed them and air dried no problems with them pilling. I do wish they were not so expensive but I hope that your employees are getting a fair rate per hour.


    June 2013   Average Height: Petite (5'3" and under)   Body Type:   Curvaceous

  29. Broad In The Shoulders

    I LOVE the fabric, but the shoulders of the XS are too broad and fall down over my shoulders. I find myself constantly pulling the straps back onto my shoulder. Home alteration will ruin the seamless comfort. Too bad, great product just doesn't fit my body.

    Sheila Sullivan

    September 2012   Average Height: Petite (5'3" and under)   Body Type:   Athletic

  30. Amazing!

    I had breast cancer a number of years ago, and these crop tops are all I wear. I sleep in them too. Perfect for a small breasted woman. I am a 38B and wear a large. If you have large boobies I don't think these crop tops would give you enough support. But for me they are perfect. Please Hanro make more colors in size large, and never stop making these.


    September 2012   Average Height: Petite (5'3" and under)   Body Type:   Curvaceous

  31. Quality Just Isn't There

    I was very excited about my first purchase from Hanro. The styling was perfect, size was perfect, color was fun, and on sale I could tolerate the price. However, after wearing it twice and hand washing and air drying it once, the fabric is already pilling. What a shame. What a shame. Hanro offers great colors and great styling. I'll never buy another.


    August 2012   Average Height: Average   Body Type:   Curvaceous

  32. Great Comfortable Bra

    Only thing wrong is the price -- a little too pricey -- Hanro should lower it slightly and would sell more. Around $60 would be more appropriate. I can't believe too many people will spend $80 for a bra. A little greedy.

    Kristie Small

    July 2012   Average Height: Average   Body Type:   Curvaceous

  33. Crop Bra

    Love it! I have at least 8 of these, this red color is wonderful. This bra is comfortable, feels great on your body, holds it's shape and washes like a dream (I hang mine to dry). I HIGHLY recommend this product.


    May 2012   Average Height: Average   Body Type:   Curvaceous

  34. Perfect Comfort, Good Looking, Only Problem Is Fabric Pills

    I love your bra. My only problem is care. I wash it in a lingerie bag, cold water, gentle cycle, with Ivory Snow soap. The problem is pilling. How can I prevent the fabric from forming little pills?

    Virginia Hatley

    March 2012   Average Height: Tall (5'9" and over)   Body Type:   Athletic

  35. Comfort

    Love these, use them for my bras under the touch feeling tank, gotten spoiled to the comfortable feeling, have to wear nibbits, but that's ok. Would like to see some soft very light yellow and light peaches for summer. Thanks Hanro


    March 2012   Average Height: Petite (5'3" and under)   Body Type:   Slim

  36. Hanro Crop Top Bra

    i had abreast reduction several years ago. i would never been able to wear this bra but today, it is the most wonderful bra i have ever worn.it is pricey for me but considering the comfort, quality, i would love to have one in every color.


    January 2012   Average Height: Petite (5'3" and under)   Body Type:   Slim

  37. Best Bras Ever

    Since I started wearing these bras, I cannot wear any other brand because I've gotten so used to their extraordinary comfort. They are especially good in hot weather.


    January 2012   Average Height: Average   Body Type:   Curvaceous

  38. Pleasantly Tucked In

    usually I wear XS but was sent S, made no difference. I am over 60, very slim, very small in the chest. The crop top gives me some lift and feels nice. I wash it by hand in warm water, line dry it and it keeps it's shape and looks for years. All colors look good no matter what color underwear, it's a fun piece on it's own.


    January 2012   Average Height: Average   Body Type:   Slim

  39. Where Have You Been All My Life!

    I have been searching for the perfect bra for years. I have finally found it in the Hanro Crop Top! I don't need a lot of support (34A), wanted a bra with no metal to dig into my skin and something that felt like I was not wearing a structured bra. The Crop Top is perfect. Worth every penny (but extra nice to buy on sale). If you're thinking about buying...go for it! You'll be so happy you did!


    January 2012   Average Height: Average   Body Type:   Slim

  40. Love It!

    A great under layer for a bit of color during the warmer months. I am a 32C in bras, but find that this crop has enough support for me to wear it alone without a bra under loose tops in the summer. I have one in every color! The Hanro touch feeling collection is not inexpensive, but I think the quality is worth the money. They come out great when washed in a cold water wash in the washer and air dried.


    November 2011   Average Height: Average   Body Type:   Slim

  41. Excellent Quality And Gre

    in addition, extremely comfortable


    October 2011   Average Height: Average   Body Type:   Slim


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