The Right Bra Care

Our 3 top tips for everlasting quality.


Regardless of the material, it is best to wash your bras by hand or inside a laundry bag on a gentle cycle at a low temperature, using a mild detergent. Follow the washing instructions on the care label. If you wash your bras in the washing machine, make sure you fasten the hooks on the back beforehand.


Leave your bras and delicate lingerie to air-dry. Place the garments on a towel, hang them on a hanger or carefully dry them on the clothesline.


To keep your underwear drawer organized, store your bras with the hooks fastened, preferably one behind the other or stacked on top of each other. This retains the shape of the cups and straps. Tip: Tuck in a handkerchief sprayed with your favorite perfume – this will ensure they always smell wonderful.

Bra Types Overview

“I know from experience that women have very different preferences and requirements.”

Frauke Nagel is a designer and product developer in the underwear industry and has dedicated more than 20 years to the world of bras.

What makes a good bra?

A bra should support the natural shape of the breast without the wearer noticing it is there. In addition to an optimal fit, a good bra has to have high-quality, soft material, and excellent workmanship.

How do I know what type of bra suits me the best?

It depends on the material and shape. To find out which style fits and suits you best, you really need to try them on. We offer a wide variety of styles and materials to meet different requirements ensuring that every woman can find their favorite bra. Our bras made of natural materials like cotton are particularly popular because they are incredibly comfortable to wear.

Bra Styles


Lightweight, everyday bra

Soft and comfortable, supports the natural shape of the breast. Perfect for smaller cup sizes (A/B cups) and women who don't want padding. Under bust elastic holds breasts in place



Breathable bra with natural comfort

For women who prefer a natural shape and light comfort. Lightweight and breathable. Thanks to their innovative material, they sit snugly against the skin to create a natural-looking décolleté



Light support and barely there bra

Ideal for women with soft breast tissue who prefer a firmer hold. T-shirt bras are characterized by their pre-molded cups, with or without underwire, which gives shape and offers more support



Shapes & Lifts

The wire supports gently from below, creating an attractive, round shape. This relieves pressure from the straps, which is particularly advantageous for women with larger busts.


Bra Fit Guide

It's been estimated that 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size. Let us help you find the right size.