HANRO is characterized as a luxury brand by its exceptionally fine quality; thanks to the highest quality raw materials and innovative manufacturing processes. Find out more about our process expertise and the different natural materials used.

Craftsmanship since 1884


Anyone who wears HANRO for the first time will be surprised at how soft the cotton is, how light and airy the wool is or how delicate the silk blends are. For us, true luxury means feeling completely comfortable in your own skin. This claim requires materials of the highest quality and origin and begins with the selection of raw materials.



Our products are STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified. It is the most important certificate for textiles that are worn on the skin. All components of a product meet the strict OEKO-TEX® test criteria: fabrics, sewing threads, inserts and prints as well as non-textile accessories such as buttons or zippers. We select our suppliers according to balanced economic, ecological and social criteria; OEKO-TEX® certification is a prerequisite.


Some of our products are MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX® certified. This means that these products were produced in an environmentally friendly company and in safe and socially responsible workplaces. In addition, the MADE IN GREEN label gives consumers the certainty that the textile product is made from materials that have been tested for harmful substances.


Our dyeing and knitting factory in Vorarlberg, Austria is STeP by OEKO-TEX® certified and therefore stands for socially acceptable and safe working conditions as well as environmentally friendly production.


GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) Our production site is certified according to the latest GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) sustainability standards.



Mercerizing is a very complex process, which is why it is only used for particularly high-quality products. The 28 meter long precision machine is also proudly called the “1 million dollar machine” at HANRO. The special finishing process of soft mercerization gives the cotton a special, silk-like shine, exceptional color brilliance as well as greater tear resistance, durability and therefore longevity. Mercerization makes our products durable - making them sustainable.

The result: unmistakable, high-quality and sustainable laundry creations - quality that you can feel on your skin. Designed to last.


Our standards of quality and excellence include our production facilities. We spare no expense and rely on our in-house fabric production and fabric finishing. Our distinctive fabric creations are created here thanks to the most modern production processes. Seam- and hem-free processing, soft mercerization and the finest mesh divisions are just some of our innovations that we are constantly developing.

Thanks to particularly narrow needle spacing, we produce unrivaled fine fabrics. Each lace is sewn on by hand. Every single hem is checked afterwards. This is how we ensure that we offer our customers impeccable quality.


One of the best-known examples of the incomparable HANRO quality is the seam- and hem-free 'Cotton Seamless' spaghetti top. The fabric is made from 100% long-staple cotton. Knitting takes place in-house on particularly fine circular knitting machines. This gives the fabric a very soft feel. Mercerization gives the top its incomparable, timeless shine and increased durability. HANRO's attention to detail is reflected in the adjustable satin straps.


The issue of longevity is close to our hearts and is our central quality standard. This starts with selecting the highest quality cotton fibers. Because long-lasting products are sustainable products.

Head of Product Management & Design

Cotton is one of our core competencies and has always been an essential part of every collection. We therefore have incomparable knowledge of materials, processing and finishing that has grown over decades.

The quality of cotton is measured by the length and fineness of the cotton fibers. The longer and finer the fiber, the higher quality and finer the fabric is.

As an expert in natural fibers, HANRO only processes high-quality cotton fibers in the long-staple and extra-long-staple categories. This includes Giza cotton, Pima and Supima cotton as well as the highest quality cotton in the world, Sea Island cotton.

The high-quality cotton used by HANRO is particularly strong, easy to care for and has a silky, perfect surface and a soft feel. In addition, HANRO uses complex and unique finishing processes to create an even shinier, more robust and more durable end product.

Cotton Collections

73089 Cotton Superior V-Neck Shirt - 101 White
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GIZA COTTON delicate and fine

Egyptian cotton is considered one of the finest, most sought-after and most expensive types of cotton in the world. Giza cotton describes an extra-long staple fiber grown in the Nile Valley in Egypt. Fabrics spun from Egyptian cotton are particularly soft, durable, and at the same time very fine and become more delicate with age.

Because of its high absorbency, this cotton is also often used for towels and bed linen. The production volume of Giza cotton is very small due to the requirements and the limited available cultivation area and only accounts for a small percentage of the world's cotton production.

77951 Cotton Deluxe Long Tank Gown - 019 Black
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PIMA COTTON particularly durable

Fabrics made from Pima cotton are particularly durable and long-lasting. Due to the long and fine fibers, fabrics made from Pima cotton have a matt shine and are extremely soft and flowing. Pima cotton feels smooth and cool and retains body heat.

The bright white fibers accept dyes better and colors stay beautiful and bright for longer. This cotton plant is very sensitive and has special requirements when it comes to soil conditions. That's why Pima cotton is only grown in a few countries such as Peru, Egypt and some states in the USA and is usually harvested by hand.

73174 Sea Island Cotton Short Sleeve Crew-Neck - 101 White
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SEA ISLAND COTTON soft like cashmere

The rare and luxurious Sea Island cotton is one of the most valuable types of cotton in the world and its share of the total cotton production is only 0.0004%. It grows exclusively in the West Indies of the Caribbean and irrigation is mainly natural through heavy rainfall. Due to the climatic conditions there, particularly long cotton fibers thrive and can be spun into very fine and tear-resistant threads. This is why Sea Island cotton fabrics feel so soft and silky, similar to cashmere.

In order to protect this regional product, the WISICA (West Indian Sea Island Cotton Association) controls the cultivation of Sea Island cotton and issues appropriate certificates that guarantee the authenticity and origin of the cotton.

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Sustainable at heart


Sustainability has always been a matter close to our hearts. Respectful treatment of nature, people and resources is part of our brand philosophy. HANRO products are manufactured sustainably and fairly according to certified standards in Europe.

Managing Director

77751 Sleep And Lounge Tank Top - 2294 Apricot Brandy
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40% less water consumption, 100% transparent.

This certified cotton is grown in Greece on family-run cotton farms. Supreme Green Cotton® is GMO-free and uses 40% less water thanks to modern drip irrigation. The cotton is processed on site and the short distances reduce the CO2footprint.

The entire process - from raw material cultivation to spinning the yarn to the final product - is Made in Europe, meets the strictest sustainability criteria and is 100% transparently traceable.

75957 Natural Living Hoodie Jacket - 2801 Pumice
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GMO-free, without pesticides and fertilizers.

The highest standards apply from the cultivation to the sale of organic cotton. Organically grown cotton is GMO-free. In addition, no fertilizers or pesticides are used.

78746 Pure Comfort Dress - 2180 Anchor
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Think about the future and set goals.

Recycled cotton fibers are obtained through upcycling from old clothes or industrial waste. The sustainable yarn produced from this reduces the effort involved in spinning and dyeing and thus guarantees savings in water and energy. It is produced in an ethical, ecologically responsible production system.

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75955 Natural Living Pants - 2801 Pumice
75955 Natural Living Pants - 2801 Pumice $218.00 $64.90
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Tradition and innovation: HANRO has always placed particular emphasis on the highest quality in terms of the selection of raw materials as well as the processing and finishing of the high-quality materials. Whether the finest silk or ultra-soft merino and cashmere wool – the new warmwear collections are visible and tangible proof of this knowledge that has grown over decades and the extraordinary craftsmanship that the name HANRO stands for.


For a perfect skin climate.

Wool has a functionality that we hardly know from any other textile. It insulates well (warms when it's cold, cools when it's hot), doesn't scratch the skin, is odorless, absorbs a lot of moisture without feeling wet, is light, antistatic, low-pilling and keeps its fit and hardly creases. The finely crimped undercoat of the Merino sheep is used for Merino wool.

Our superfine Merino wool with a yarn count of 16-18.5 microns is currently the best 100% Merino quality on the market. It is mercerized and refined with superwash. This ensures a special shine and prevents pilling and scratching. It comes from farms that do not use the controversial mulesing shearing method.



Particularly warming and light.

Cashmere is incredibly fine, soft, supple, very light and feels pleasant on the skin. The fiber has very good thermal insulation (retains heat better than wool) and is moisture-repellent. Cashmere also doesn't wrinkle, quickly returns to its original shape and is odor-resistant. The luxurious wool is obtained from the cashmere goat. The cashmere goats are not shorn, but combed once a year. Only the particularly soft, supple undercoat is used.



For a perfect soft feel.

Silk refines the wool visually and enhances the wearing properties of the wool.

Our optimal wool-silk blend is ideal for sensitive skin as it does not scratch.

Merino wool and silk can absorb up to a third of their dry weight in moisture without feeling clammy. This laundry also keeps you warm when it is damp because it actively generates heat when it absorbs moisture.

78782 Knits Cardigan - 1262 Cinnamon
73403 Woolen Silk Turtleneck Shirt - 1610 Deep Navy
71652 Silk/Cashmere Long Leg - 1203 Vanilla



Quality that you can wear consciously

We source our wool from a long-standing partner in Italy who only processes mulesing-free wool from South African farms.

A Merino sheep produces approximately four to five pounds of wool per year. Merino wool is renewable and biodegradable. Research has shown that Merino fibers decompose after 12 months underground. This is how Mother Nature takes back this natural material.

For the well-being of the animals, we do not use angora wool and fur.


Out of respect for the animals,

HANRO only processes high-quality Merino wool from South African farms that do not use the controversial mulesing process. Mulesing is the removal of the skin around the tail of sheep without pain in order to prevent infestation with fly maggots (myiasis). Our Italian yarn supplier only works with companies that guarantee and promote respect for animal welfare. He is also a member of the SMI (Sistema Moda Italia) and the IWTO (International Wool Textile Organisation).


Collaboration with SFA

HANRO sources its cashmere wool from a single supplier in Switzerland who works closely with the organization SFA (Sustainable Fiber Alliance – Creating a Sustainable Cashmere Supply Chain). They are committed to animal welfare, the preservation and restoration of valuable pastures and securing the livelihoods of shepherds. The cashmere wool we use comes from controlled farms in China, Mongolia and Afghanistan.

78671 Urban Casuals Dress - 2960 Affogato Stripe


The soft natural fiber from the stems of the flax plant is light, breathable and feels pleasantly cool on the skin. Linen is strong, durable and becomes even softer and shinier when worn and washed.

Linen can almost take on the appearance of silk. HANRO's linen fabrics are woven in Austria and the linen used is certified 100% Made in Europe - from raw material cultivation to yarn to fabric production.


TENCEL™ Lyocell, Modal, Micromodal, Viscose are industrially produced regenerated cellulose fibers and are obtained from the natural raw material wood. They are therefore particularly sustainable and environmentally friendly.

72261 Mae Bodydress - 1350 Bonbon
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Soft flowing drape

Viscose is the oldest cellulosic fiber of botanical origin and is obtained from the natural raw material wood. Viscose combines the advantages of silk and cotton with a soft, flowing drape and a comfortable feel. It is easy to care for and does not shed. Viscose also absorbs moisture exceptionally well, regulates temperature and is skin-friendly.

75770 Favourites Pants - 2137 Fresh Grey
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Particularly cuddly

Modal is considered particularly sustainable because less water and energy are required during production and processing. Modal also has higher elasticity and stretchability than cotton. This means it holds its shape better, wrinkles less and is easier to iron. Fabrics made from modal have a lasting, silky shine, are exceptionally soft, supple and nestle naturally against the skin. Modal is made from the natural raw material wood.

78796 Yoga L/Slv Shirt - 2461 Lilac Marble
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Soft and elastic

Micromodal is a particularly fine, extremely soft and well-draping variant of Modal. It hugs the body perfectly and ensures it is comfortable to wear. Compared to cotton, modal is considered more sustainable because less water and energy are required during production and processing. Modal also has higher elasticity and stretchability. This means it holds its shape better, wrinkles less and is easier to iron. As with Modal, the fiber is obtained from the natural raw material wood.

77965 Natural Comfort 3/4 Slv Pajama - 1610 Deep Navy
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Skin-friendly and temperature-balancing

TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers are biodegradable, skin-friendly and have a silky soft structure. They absorb moisture and promote a natural temperature balance, leaving the skin pleasantly dry. TENCEL™ is a brand of Lenzing AG from Austria and is made from sustainable wood. The manufacturing process is environmentally friendly and the wood sources are close to nature and sustainably managed.

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72261 Mae Bodydress - 1350 Bonbon
72261 Mae Bodydress - 1350 Bonbon $220.00
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72261 Mae Bodydress - 1662 Space Blue
72261 Mae Bodydress - 2654 Silver Grey
72261 Mae Bodydress - 2654 Silver Grey $220.00 $65.90
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75770 Favourites Pants - 2137 Fresh Grey
75770 Favourites Pants - 2137 Fresh Grey $200.00 $99.90
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