In 1884, Albert HANschin and Carl ROnus founded a knitwear factory in the Swiss town of Liestal, naming it HANRO

140 Years of History

In 1884 the foundation for an international success story was laid. As pioneers in circular knitting, Hanschin & Ronus produced the finest undershirts on specially developed machines. They focused on high-quality natural fibers early on. A maxim to which HANRO has always remained true. Over the years, many valuable designs have accumulated in the archive. These precious treasures continue to be an inexhaustible source of inspiration for our designers today.


Founded in Switzerland

Since it was founded in 1884 by Albert Handschin and Carl Ronus in Liestal, Switzerland, the name HANRO has stood for luxurious understatement, the highest quality and timeless style.Decades of tradition combined with technical innovation and timeless design make HANRO a distinctive brand.

Registration of the HANRO brand

The HANRO brand was registered in 1913 - made up of the names of Albert Handschin and his business partner Carl Ronus.

From the very beginning, HANRO has relied on its own patented circular knitting technology, which guarantees a perfect fit and comfort.

Beginning of internationalization, expansion to the USA

Ultra-light and waist-hugging Spencer tops and circular-knit bodysuits made of the finest wool and silk are initially intended to warm the body. Later, fashionable and seductive lingerie complements the look.

Discovering modern femininity

Madeleine Handschin, the granddaughter of the company founder, created a world first: ultra-light bra camisoles that are invisible underneath. Sporty leisurewear also finds its way into the HANRO collection with its beach and swimwear.

Innovation Viscose

Due to the difficult times of the Second World War, in which wool was rationed, HANRO begins to work with new and innovative viscose fabrics made from cellulose. The introduction of synthetic fibers takes place under the strictest quality criteria.

Diva glamor from Hollywood

In the 1950s, HANRO established its reputation among women from around the world with elegant night dresses and gowns. The diva glamor of Hollywood is reflected in HANRO's lingerie collections. 

Seductive, body-hugging lace creations celebrate the newly discovered femininity. Just one example is Marilyn Monroe wearing HANRO underwear in the famous scene from “The 7 Year Itch”.

Raschel lace with floral motif

At the time of the flower power movement, the Raschel machines at HANRO ran in two and three shifts. 

The new products made from rustic jersey in candy colors and with flower motifs are booming and taking HANRO to the top of the world in the underwear industry.

Connectiveness to nature and sporting ambition

A closeness to nature with sporting ambition is the recipe for prolonged youth. With sports underwear in coarsely knitted rib, HANRO is aimed at the young and young at heart customers. 

You can already see the trend that underwear and outerwear are changing and are designing the bra set like a bikini and the body like a swimsuit.

Spaghetti top with cult status

In the 80s, HANRO proved to be a pioneer of a new, purist, wellness-inspired aesthetic. “Back to Classics” is HANRO’s motto and is launching tops made from the finest mercerized cotton. 

The Cotton Seamless Spaghetti Undershirt, worn by Nicole Kidman in “Eyes Wide Shut” among others, becomes a bestseller with international cult status.

Integration into the Austrian Huber Holding

HANRO has been a leader in luxury lingerie for over a century now. Aware of its own long history, HANRO can rely on what has been preserved and proven over generations: “Back to the Roots”. 

However, this in no way means standstill; rather, it represents HANRO's own philosophy of guaranteeing customers worldwide the highest level of consistency and innovative quality. In 1991, HANRO was integrated into the Austrian Huber Group with headquarters in Götzis/Vorarlberg.

Rising importance of loungewear

In recent years, the modern HANRO loungewear collections increasingly reflect the casual trend of the new century. Casual outerwear, shirts and dresses play fashionably with underwear and overwear and merge the areas of underwear, nightwear and outerwear. In 2014, HANRO celebrated its 130th company anniversary.

"Designer of the Year" Award

 In 2016, HANRO received the award as "Designer of the Year 2016" from 500 lingerie brands from the world's largest and most important lingerie trade fair, SALON INTERNATIONAL DE LA LINGERIE.

Sustainable Luxurious

For HANRO, sustainability is more than just an emerging trend. Sustainability has always been practiced and is part of the brand DNA. 

That's why HANRO is increasingly relying on modern, cellulosic fibers such as: TENCEL TM . In addition, HANRO shows with its fashionable trend collections and the INDIVIDUALS @ HANRO concept that underwear can do much more. Mix & Match constantly creates new styles that blur the boundaries between day and night as well as inner and outerwear.

Celebrities Wearing HANRO


Timeless Luxury

The evolution of the HANRO camisole


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